Hocking Lodging Company - Hocking Hills, Ohio

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Hocking Lodging Company

Frequently Asked Questions

We've been in this family-run business since 2015. For your assistance, we've collected some of our most frequently asked questions and placed them here. If your question isn't answered below, please don't hesitate to call or text us: 614.226.2757 or 614.352.9495 and we'll get it figured out!

But first, some helpful tips:

#1: Be sure that you are searching in Hocking County, Logan, Ohio for your quest. At least three times over the years of business we’ve run into guests that have accidentally chosen Logan County, Oklahoma for their weekend retreat! I’m sure it would have been nice, just a touch too far for a 3-night getaway :)

#2: The larger your party size, the further in advance you will need to plan. We book early at HLC. The planning and organizing of a large group can be the most challenging part and once you get yourselves situated, you may find that the lodge you were hoping for has already been reserved. So, gather your groups dates/availability and book early. Don’t hesitate. Make sure the company has a good policy regarding transfer of dates/cancellations/etc.

What time is check in/check out? Can you accommodate a late check in/check out? 

All of our properties have a 4pm check in and 10:30am check out. Unfortunately due to our cleaning and maintenance schedules, we are not at liberty to flex these times. You are always welcome to enjoy hikes in the area before your scheduled check-in time in order to get maximum enjoyment out of the Hocking Hills! 

What are the maximum numbers of guests permitted at each location?

  • Dogwood Manor can sleep 20 adults/children in beds. Maximum of 16 guests for adult-only stays.
  • Hidden Lake Lodge and Aspen Hollow Lodge can accommodate up to 18 adults/children in beds. Maximum of 14 guests for adult-only stays.
  • Black Bear Hideaway & Revive Ridge can accommodate up to 14 guests in beds. Maximum of 10 guests for adult-only stays.
  • Pumpkin Ridge Resort can accommodate up to 8 adults and 4 children for a maximum of 12 guests at one one time.
  • Sunrise Lodge can host 8 guests in beds.
  • All of our couples cabins allow up to 2 guests.

This includes any guest over the age of 2 and these are the hard maximums as the parking areas, septic tanks, wells, etc., were not built with higher numbers in mind. While we proudly advertise one easy flat rate regardless of your number of guests, we ask that you not exceed the maximum numbers. If it is discovered that you have additional members in your party, you may be asked to leave immediately and/or face fines. It's your responsibility to stay honest.

How many cars can fit in the parking area(s) and is 4wd necessary?

  • HLL has a 700 foot gravel driveway that has several ups and downs. 4-wheel drive is recommended in the winter season and the parking area can accommodate up to 8 mid-sized cars comfortably therefore carpooling may be necessary.
  • At BBH you will find that it has a relatively easy and flat access to the lodge and it can accommodate up to 6 mid-sized cars comfortably. 4-wheel drive is recommended in the winter season due to the county/twp roads accessed in order to get to the lodge. 
  • Dogwood Manor can host approximately 8 vehicles for parking. 4-wheel drive is recommended in the winter season.
  • AHL has a long driveway with several ups and downs. 4-wheel drive is recommended in the winter season. Parking area can accommodate up to 6 mid-sized cars comfortably. 
  • PRR has a relatively flat gravel driveway and can accommodate up to 4 vehicles at any time.
  • RR has a long gravel driveway that can accommodate up to 5 vehicles. 4-wheel drive is recommended.
  • Sunrise Lodge and Briarwood couples cabin share a driveway. 4 vehicles can fit at the lodge and one can be parked in front of the couples cabin. 4-wheel drive is recommended in the winter season.
  • All couples cabins can accommodate 1 vehicle. Some drives are very steep. 4-wheel drive is recommended during inclement weather.

Do you give refunds for poor weather conditions? 

Hocking Lodging Company's lodges are designed to be enjoyed in all 4 seasons.

  • We have a wood burning fireplace at HLL, BBH, and PRR. Dogwood Manor and Aspen Hollow Lodge have combination indoor/outdoor wood burning fireplaces.
  • We have gas log fireplaces at Sunrise Lodge and Briarwood couples cabin.
  • We have an electric fireplace at Revive Ridge.
  • Indoor fireplaces are to be used only October-March.
  • In addition, lodges and cabins may have fire pits and seating out in the open to enjoy s'mores under the stars.

In fact, most of the hot tubs are located under covered porches and sometimes there's nothing more peaceful than enjoying the big snowflakes and raindrops fall around the hot tub while relaxing in the bubbles.

How close are your properties to neighboring structures/homes?

  • Hidden Lake Lodge sits comfortably on 30 private acres. Guests will pass one full time residence on the way to our driveway, so we only ask that you drive a maximum speed of 10mph once you hit Grossman Road. They are wonderful neighbors and we want to keep them that way!
  • Black Bear Hideaway is located on 4 acres of land on a residential/rental street with less than 10 homes total. The back of BBH opens up to acres and acres of forested land so you have incredible privacy and views of nature. Even though it's peaceful and spacious here, please keep in mind that since this is a residential street you must keep noise levels at a minimum. 
  • Dogwood Manor sits on 6 acres with cabins scattered sporadically on neighboring lands.
  • Aspen Hollow Lodge sits on 12 acres.
  • Pumpkin Ridge Resort sits on 95 private acres with over 7 miles of hiking trails for pedestrian usage.
  • Revive Ridge sits on 6 quiet acres.
  • Sunrise Lodge and Briarwood couples cabin share a driveway but are built with privacy for both units in mind.
  • All couples cabins can be seen but are still quite privately tucked away.
  • All lodges follow a policy of quiet hours after 10pm.

Is there a body of water on the property? Can you fish/swim/kayak?

  • At HLL there is a semi-private lake at the bottom of the property. We own about half of the 6-acre aptly named, Hidden Lake. It is fully stocked for catch-and-release fishing with a small, 2-person dock. Approximately 40 stairs have been built into the earth to access this feature. We also keep deck chairs down there for your relaxation and enjoyment. In addition, you may find access to kayaks kept right under the dock (or often upside down on top of the dock). Bring your life jackets and please feel free to enjoy it, but place it in the original spot at your time of departure. PLEASE NOTE: There is a cable going across the body of water that denotes the property lines. We also will send an image of this this in the leasing agreement. You are required to stay on our "side" of the property and not trespass into neighboring lands. You'll find that our portion of the lake has plenty of room for enjoyment. As far as swimming goes, this is a great fishing lake. There are felled trees and leafy, mucky bottom. Enter at your own risk! We are happy to recommend local swimming areas for your enjoyment.
  • Black Bear Hideaway does not have access to a pond or lake.
  • Dogwood Manor does not have access to a pond or lake.
  • Aspen Hollow Lodge has a small, seasonal creek on the grounds. Hard to find unless you know where to look.
  • Pumpkin Ridge Resort has a small creek on the grounds.
  • Sunrise Lodge and Briarwood do not have access to a pond or lake.
  • High Rock Hideaways couples cabins and RV sites have a shared private (and stocked) fishing pond.
  • Revive ridge does not have access to a pond or lake.

Where are your lodges in proximity to the caves?

First we should explain the Hocking Hills State Park region. Today, the area is known as Hocking Hills State Park which consists of six separate areas encompassing 2,000 acres. Old Man's Cave, Cedar Falls, Ash Cave, Conkles Hollow (a state nature preserve), Rock House and Cantwell Cliffs are each unique in their own way. The state park is surrounded by 9,238 acres of the Hocking State Forest administered by the ODNR Division of Forestry. This land encompasses several counties in the southeastern region of Ohio, so slow down, and enjoy the winding roads and the scenic drives.

  • Dogwood Manor is about 1 mile from the entrance to Old Mans Cave. You can even walk there from the lodge!
  • Aspen Hollow Lodge, Sunrise Lodge, and Briarwood couples cabin are all roughly 6 miles/10 minute drive from the entrance to Old Mans Cave.
  • Hidden Lake Lodge is very centrally located in the Hocking Hills region just 3 miles/8 minutes from the entrance to Old Man's Cave.
  • Pumpkin Ridge Resort is located in the southern end of the region in Vinton County. Just 9 miles/11 minutes from Ash Cave. Also nearby is not-to-be-missed Zaleski State Forest and Lake Hope State Park.
  • Revive ridge is also located in the southern end of the region in Vinton County. Just 15 minutes to Cedar Falls/Ash Cave and just 20 minutes to Lake Hope and Zaleski State Park.
  • Black Bear Hideaway is located on the northern end of the Hocking Hills region just 3 miles/7 minutes from the entrance to Cantwell Cliffs. Another well-kept secret about this 'northern' region is that we have a metro park tucked right in this spot. Clear Creek Metro Park (part of Franklin Co Metro Parks system) is about 5000 acres of gorgeous prairie and Appalachian forest land with marvelous wildlife, a trout-stocked creek, lakes, rock climbing opportunities, picnic areas, and varying levels of hikes from the beginner to the more-experienced trekkers. It seems to be less-populated with hikers and visitors because most are coming down to experience the "top 5" hikes of the 2000 acre Hocking Hills State Forest and nature preserve. But we promise it's not to be missed. 
  • High Rock Hideaways couples cabins and RV sites are about 6 minutes from both Ash Cave & Cedar Falls.

Are your accommodations pet-friendly?

  • Dogwood Manor has a no-pets policy.
  • Hidden Lake Lodge has a no-pets policy.
  • Aspen Hollow Lodge has a no-pets policy.
  • Pumpkin Ridge Resort has a no-pets policy.
  • Revive Ridge has a no-pets policy.
  • Black Bear Hideaway allows up to two small dogs (up to 40 lbs each) for a rate of $15/night. 
  • Sunrise Lodge has a no-pets policy.
  • Briarwood, The Overlook, The Landing, & Yesteryear couples cabins all have a no-pets policy.
  • Silverwolf, Nature's Paradise, The Lakota & Trail Ridge couples cabins (and the RV sites) will allow up to two small dogs (under 30 lbs each) for an additional $30/stay.

What are the age limitations?

  • You must be 28 years old to book at Dogwood Manor, Aspen Hollow Lodge, Hidden Lake Lodge, Revive Ridge, or Pumpkin Ridge Resort.
  • Black Bear Hideaway, and Sunrise Lodge have a minimum booking age of 25. 
  • You must be 21 or older to book any of our 8 couples cabins or 4 RV sites.

You may be required to show proof of age at time of booking. We do not cater to house parties, graduation parties, bachelor parties and the like. We are family-run and pride ourselves on the incredible upkeep and care of our accommodations and ask that you do the same.

Is the kitchen well-equipped?

Our lodges are a chef's dream. Or perfect even if you dream you are a chef :)

All are fully stocked with everything you need for providing nourishment to a large number of guests. Here's a list of some of our most common requests:

  • oven, stovetop, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator
  • traditional 12-cup coffee maker with filters provided
  • keurig (bring your own k-cups)
  • crock pot, stock pots
  • an assortment of pots, pans, baking sheets, baking dishes, cutting boards
  • assorted glassware, plastic ware, mugs, plates, bowls, cooking utensils, grilling utensils
  • forks, spoons, knives, and steak knives
  • mixing bowls, strainers, storage containers, pitchers, measuring cups and spoons
  • blender, hand mixer
  • electric skillet/griddle
  • an assortment of your most common spices and herbs
  • oven mitts, hand towels, dish towels, and paper towels
  • hand soap, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, and trash bags
  • We have charcoal grills. Please provide your own charcoal, lighter fluid, and matches. 
  • It's also a very good idea to bring plastic wrap, condiments, sandwich baggies, aluminum foil and the like to wrap up your tasty leftovers to go!
  • Our couples cabins provide all the basics for a small getaway: Refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishes, pans, utensils, coffee maker, & toaster.

Is the water potable? 

Yes, the water is safe to drink and use for food preparation at our properties. 

  • Dogwood Manor has a whole house water system. Perfectly good and potable drinking water.
  • Pumpkin Ridge Resort has a whole house water system. Perfectly good and potable drinking water.
  • Aspen Hollow Lodge has a whole house water system. Perfectly good and potable drinking water.
  • Hidden Lake Lodge is on a well with a whole-house water filtration system. You may hear it kick on once every 24 hours, but it means the water is as fresh and delicious as you can get with no color or smell.
  • Black Bear Hideaway is also on a well and the water is clean, colorless, and odorless. 
  • Revive Ridge is on a well and the water is clean & potable.
  • Sunrise Lodge is on a well with a water softener system. Perfectly good and potable drinking water.
  • All couples cabins have clean, colorless, & odorless potable water.

Is there a washing machine/dryer on site?

  • Dogwood Manor boasts 2 washers and 2 dryers. Bring along your specific preferences for detergent and the like.
  • Aspen Hollow Lodge has a washer and dryer. Bring along your specific preferences for detergent and the like.
  • Black Bear Hideaway does have a washer and dryer. Bring along your specific preferences for detergent and the like.
  • Hidden Lake Lodge does not have a washer/dryer at the lodge.
  • Pumpkin Ridge Resort does not have a washer/dryer at the lodge.
  • Revive Ridge has a washer and dryer. Bring along your specific preferences for detergent and the like.
  • Sunrise Lodge has a washer and dryer. Bring along your specific preferences for detergent and the like.
  • All couples cabins do not have washers/dryers on site.

What about wifi/cell coverage/cable tv?

  • DM, HLL, AHL, BBH, PRR, SL, & Briarwood all have wifi and it's the best you can get in the Hocking Hills region. That being said, it's still not as great as your metropolitan areas. Especially if all 20/18/14/12/8 guests are using the wifi at the same time, so plan accordingly. It's enough to browse your emails, and scroll through social network sites. If you have a heavy workload, you may want to consider hitting the nearby town for a coffee shop or restaurant to gain better accessibility... or do what we do and collect the teenagers phones at the start of the trip! :)
  • Cell coverage at lodges can be spotty at best, therefore we have included a landline for important phone calls. You'll receive this number at the time of your booking. Couples cabins do not have a landline nor wifi. They do have DirecTV
  • Lastly all lodges have DirecTV and Aspen Hollow Lodge has youtubetv so you can watch all the games!

What is provided as far as linens and towels?

When you arrive at your lodge, we will have the beds all made with fresh linens and two pillows for everyone. Each guest will receive one bath towel and washcloth for their stay. You will also find hand towels in the bathrooms, and dish towels in the kitchen. We highly recommend bringing your own additional bath/pool towels for the hot tub, lake, or wet hiking conditions. There should be at least one hair dryer at each property..

Why aren't the addresses of your lodges listed publicly?

We want to ensure ultimate privacy with our current (and of course future) guests, therefore we don't give out specific locations ahead of time. Once we have collected the final payment for your stay and received all copies of the signed leasing agreement, we will send out your final confirmation which include the physical addresses, directions, and check in-check out instructions to the lodge.

Do you have baby/toddler items available?

We have built our lodges with the youngest and oldest in mind. You will find first floor master bedrooms at most of our lodges and primary living/entertainment on the main level. There is also room in some bedrooms for travel pack n plays so your littlest ones can nap peacefully behind closed doors. Please bring all necessary baby/toddler items with you.

Why is there a "tip jar/tip envelope"? Who gets this?

While we pay our cleaning and maintenance crews competitive wages, it's always a nice bonus for guests to tip accordingly. It's completely optional, but encouraging to see funds go directly to the source rather than to a company overhead. We are a family-run business. That being said, our employees are family to us and have been with us since our first days in business! We love our staff and hope you see their value just as much as we do. If you feel that the lodge was ready and beautiful at check in, and/or if you feel that they might need a little bit extra for a little more elbow grease, feel free to give directly to them in the envelopes or jars provided, but never feel obligated.